Board of Management

The Board of Management is elected each year at the Annual General Meeting. The 2024 AGM was held at the Marchant Centre on Friday 12 April at 2:00pm.

Members are encouraged to nominate for the Board of Management and you will find a nomination form in the Prospectus at the start of each year.

There are usually six Board meetings per year plus four General Meetings.  The latter comprise entertainment or a guest speaker, followed by Afternoon Tea.

Ask at the office for details of Responsibilities of Board Members and Other Roles.

To read or download the full 2023 Annual Report click here

Office Bearers for 2024

  • President:  Glenda Sherwin-Lane
  • Vice-President:  Katrina Spencer
  • Secretary:  Grazziella Rosmini
  • Treasurer:  Paddy McKay
  • Curriculum Manager:  Kerrie Smith
  • Office Manager:  Glenda Sherwin-Lane
  • Public Officer:  Glenda Sherwin-Lane
  • General Members:  Lyn Arnold, Diane Eichmann, Marie-Antoinette Galletta,  Jan Ness,  Ros Reddaway, Wendy Richards, Ann Richardson.
Ex Officio Members:
  • Newsletter Editor:  Diane Campbell
Members can be contacted via the U3A Campbelltown SA office at